Course in Media Economics: Foundations and transformations of media economics

This course is part of the Media Economics Programme, a new programme at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel that is organized by SMIT. The programme combines facts and figures of state of the art scientific research with interesting and sometimes conflicting insights from industry experts. The Media Economics Programme aims to equip media professionals and postgraduate students with the tools to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of the digitalization, in the various sectors of the media industry in Europe (and beyond).

You can participate in the course via the Postgraduate programme and the training programme in Media Economics.


Foundations and transformations of media economics (course 1)

Course 1 provides insight into the economic forces shaping the media industry. It focuses on the fundamental theoretical and applied economic frameworks that explain the industrial organisation of the media industry, the organisational behaviours of the various companies active within that industry and the strategic management theories that underpin the market choices media executives face today. The course, moreover, provides an overview of the various disruptive forces that media firms in particular and the media industry in general face that dramatically transform the way media is produced, aggregated, distributed and consumed.


Key Objectives

  • Obtain in-depth knowledge of the most dominant frameworks in media economics.
  • Understand the core variables of the industrial organisation approach and alternative approaches.
  • Understand the dynamics underlying platformisation.
  • Acquire insights in the impact of technological innovations on the media markets.


Cases and Topics

  • Media economic foundations
  • New technoglogies in the media industry
  • Over-the-top media services
  • Platformization in the media industry
  • New media business models
  • Digital newsrooms
  • Media product diversification
  • Cooperation and coopetition
  • Strategic media management
  • Industrial Organization approach
26 Sep 2018 28 Sep 2018

09:30 to 18:30


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