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The SMIT/IES Lectures Series on the European Digital Information Society
24/02/2015 - 18/05/2015
Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels
The SMIT/IES Lecture Series on the European Digital Information Society is a prestigious series of compact two hour conferences on the European Digital Information Society.

Their purpose is to enhance understanding of topical debates about the dynamics of the European Digital Information Society through prestigious lectures or round tables of experts, both followed by discussions with the public. Lectures and round tables usually last around 45-60 minutes as do the debates that follow.

The Lectures concern economic, political, technical, legal and societal aspects of ICTs, (New)Media and the European Digital Information Society, and the research, development and innovation programmes and activities related to them.
The lectures complement the courses offered in the Masters on New Media and Society in Europe academic programme. They aim to provide a full-portfolio description of the European Digital Information Society, with speakers coming mainly from policy and European institutions, industry and academia.

Entrance to the Lectures Series is free of charge but registration is required.
Click on the lectures below to register for each one individually.


February 24th
New issues in the Digital Economy: Innovation, Super-dominance and is Content really King?
Dr. Eliana Garces-Tolon – Deputy Head of Unit, Senior Economist, DG Enterprise & industry, Industrial Competitiveness Policy for Growth, European Commission
March 3rd

Threats and Opportunities for Broadcasting in the Digital Era
Ross Biggam – Director General, Association of Commercial Television in Europe
March 31st
Ethical Aspects of the Digital Information Society 
Aidan White – Director, Ethical Journalism Network

April 21st
Diversity, complexity, and creativity: the essence of our European values
Michel Praet - Head of the EU Relations Office, ESA

April 28th
European Internet Policy: What flavour of Internet in Europe? - The Digital Actors Perspective I
James Waterworth - Vice President CCIA Europe

May 5th
Neutrality, diversity and competition in the "Flat Internet": what links net neutrality with the Google Antitrust investigation?
Prof. Dr. Andrea Renda – Senior Researcher CEPS, Professor LUISS

May 12th
The Digital Actors Perspective II: The Digital Single Market and what it may offer Europe today and tomorrow
Siada El Ramly - Director General, EDiMA
May 19th
The Future of Education in the Digital Age
Xavier Prats Monné - Director General for Education and Culture, European Commission