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25th European Regional Conference of the International Telecommunication Society
22/06/2014 - 25/06/2014

Call for papers for the ITS Europe 2014 Conference
Disruptive innovation in the ICT industries: Challenges for European business and policy

After several waves of digital innovation in the converged telecoms, media, consumer electronics, IT and web applications domains, the disruptive effects of these innovations are now becoming fully visible at the European and global scale. In many industries, legacy players are struggling hard to adapt their business models or are simply being replaced. Successful innovators are faced with great challenges to scale up, and have to come up with totally new ways of doing business. Consumers are confronted with fast-evolving usage contexts in which social networks, recommendation services and search technologies capture their personal data and influence consumption of an increasing array of services on a variety of devices anywhere, anytime and anyplace. Policy makers and regulators are once again forced to rethink their frameworks because of the rise of a new ICT ecology revolving around powerful platform firms. All of this implies that opportunities and challenges for industry, for policy and regulation, and for research on these topics, have never been greater. 
Taking place in Brussels, the epicenter of European digital policy making, the ITS Europe 2014 conference responds to these and other issues by bringing together academics, policy makers, industry analysts, incumbents and challengers to present and discuss their findings. A broad range of topics related to telecom economics and regulation, broadband and next generation networks, new services and business models, media, content and telecoms, emerging policy issues, ICT and economic development are welcome as subjects for papers and panel sessions:

European ICT policy towards 2020

NGN regulation and competition
Convergence of telecoms and media
Competition and regulation of platforms
Net neutrality
Universal access and universal service
Digital media and content regulation
Digital Single Market
Smart Specialisation and ICT
Security, privacy and trust

Next generation networks

The Future Internet and digital convergence
4G and 5G mobile
Spectrum economics and policy
Femtocells and Fixed-Mobile Convergence
Internet of Things
Digital broadcasting and IPTV
Green ICT
Financing infrastructure build-out
Impact of regulation on network competition

New services and features of the digital ecology

Social networks and social media
Big, open and linked data services and platforms
Smart cities and smart regions
eHealth, eGovernment and eEducation developments
Transforming media and content industries
User acceptance and experience
New approaches to copyrights

Business aspects of ICT

Disruptions in industries due to ICT innovations
Emerging business models
Techno-economics of networks
Changing value networks and ecosystems
New ICT innovation approaches
Impact of ICT on economic growth and productivity
Broadband penetration

Local Organising Committee:
Pieter BALLON, iMinds-SMIT-VUB (Chair)
Sofie VERBRUGGE, iMinds-IBCN, Universiteit Gent
Brigitte PREISSL, German National Library of Economics, Hamburg, Germany
Jason WHALLEY, University of Northumbria, Newcastle, UK