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24/03/2014 13:00 - 25/03/2014 19:00
The Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Brussels
Prospects, Challenges and Limits to User-Centric Approaches in the Digital Information Society

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EuroCPR is organised annually with the ambition to contribute constructively and critically to European Information Society Policy developments. The conference addresses the use of ICT throughout society and economy as well as the evolution of the ICT and media sectors. EuroCPR uniquely brings together academia, policy makers, and industry representatives in order to facilitate systematic interaction and critical analysis of both the highest academic excellence and the maximum policy and industrial relevance. The format of the conference has deliberately been kept small - with a maximum of 80 participants - favouring quality over quantity and encouraging a high level of interaction.

EuroCPR invites abstracts for theoretically and empirically grounded papers that reflect critically on the Digital Agenda as such and on factors contributing to progress towards the Digital Agenda goals so far which draw on the results of research to inform ongoing policy debates on issues relevant to the Digital Agenda.

EuroCPR 2014 | Prospects, Challenges and Limits to User-Centric Approaches in 
                                        the Digital Information Society

Monday, March 24th

        Registration and Welcome Coffee

14:00-16:00        Opening Session
                              Chair: Robin Mansell (LSE)

        Welcome by Robin Mansell (LSE)

        Key note
                                         Prof. Dr. Jean-Claude Burgelman (Head of Unit, DG Research and Innovation, European                                                    Commission)

15.00-16.00             Key note
                                        Kostas Rossoglou (Senior Legal Officer, BEUC)
     Coffee break
     Session 1 – User Empowerment: Really?
                                        Chair: Karim Antonio Lesina (AT&T)
                                        >    Ilse Mariën and Jernej A. Prodnik (iMinds-SMIT-VUB & Faculty of Social Sciences -                                                                 University of Ljubljana)
                                              Structural causes of digital exclusion and user (dis)empowerment: A critical perspective.                                                      Discussant: Martin Ulbrich (European Commission)
                                        >    Esteve Sanz (Yale Law School)
                                             The User-Center Discourse in the EU Information Society Policies.
                                              Discussant: Peggy Valcke (KULeuven) 

        Conference dinner at Restaurant L’Ultime Hallucination
Tuesday, 25 March
9.00-9.30             Registration and Welcome Coffee
     Sessions 2A and 2B
                              Session 2A – Users Oriented Regulation in Electronic Communications
                              Chair: Lorenzo Pupillo (Telecom Italia)

                                        >   Iris Jennes and Wendy Van den Broeck (iMinds-SMIT-VUB)
                                  The future of digital television: in between industry strategies and user perceptions of 
                                                       advertising innovations
                                            Discussant: Ross Biggam (ACT)

                                        >    Olga Batura (SFB 597 – University of Bremen)
                                              A more user-oriented universal service: Regulation of universal service and information                                                     society policy in the European Union
                                              Discussant: Claire Milne (LSE & Independent Consultant)

                                        Session 2B – Case Studies on Consumption Practices
                                        Chair: Anna Herold (European Commission)
                                        >    Stefan Hopf and Arnold Picot (University of Munich)
                                              Are Users All the Same? – A Comparative International Analysis of Current and Future                                                     Digital Technology Adoption
                                              Discussant: Jo Pierson (iMinds-SMIT-VUB)
                                        >    Ardis Storm-Mathisen and Jo Helle-Valle
                                              Public/user reception of RFID enabled toll /ticketing applications: experiences from the                                                         implementation of Autopass and Ruter in Norway
                                              Discussant: Robin Mansell (LSE)

    Coffee break
Sessions 3A and 3B

                                        Session 3A – Participatory Governance and Demand Side Policies
                                        Chair: Monica Arino (Ofcom)
                                        >    Shenja van der Graaf and Carina Veeckman (iMinds-SMIT-VUB)
                                              Assessing Participatory Governance in the City - The Intersection of Toolkits, Local                                                                 Knowledge and Multiple Participations in Athens and Ghent
                                              Discussant: Dr Prodromos Tsiavos  (UCL & Hellenic Research Foundation)
                                        >    Chatchai Kongaut and Erik Bohlin (Chalmers University of Technology)                                                                                        Towards broadband targets on the EU digital agenda 2020: Discussion on the supply and                                                 demand side of broadband policies
                                              Discussant: Scott Marcus (WIK)

                                       Session 3B – (Dis)Informing Users
                                        Chair: Colin Blackman (CEPS)
                                        >    Ellen Wauters, Veronica Donoso, Eva Lievens, Peggy Valcke (iMinds-ICRI–KU Leuven)
                                              Why are Terms of Use so difficult to understand? Reflections on how to optimize                                                                   transparency for users in Social Networking Sites
                                              Discussant: Jean-Paul Simon (JPS Public Policy Consulting)
                                        >    Natali Helberger (UVA)
                                              Form matters – informing consumers effectively
                                              Discussant: Alexandre de Streel (Université de Namur)

    Sessions 4A and 4B

                                        Session 4A – The Rights of Users 
                                        Chair: Caroline Pauwels (iMinds-SMIT-VUB)
                                        >    Kruakae Pothong (University of Leeds)
                                              Europe’s Open Internet provision: How powerful are users?
  Discussant: Jean-Pierre Chamoux (UPD)
                                        >    Bart Van der Sloot (UVA)
                                              The end of consumer privacy rights: towards a model of privacy as a virtue.
 Discussant: Wainer Lusoli (European Commission) 

                                       Session 4B – Copy Right Exceptions and Data Mining
Chair: Patrice Chazerand, DIGITALEUROPE
                                        >    Kristofer Erickson, Martin Kretschmer, Andrea Varini and Hossein Hassani (Glasgow                                                             University)
                                              The reasons for copyright takedown on YouTube, and what they tell us about copyright                                                     exceptions
                                              Discussant: Edward Steinmueller (University of Sussex)
                                        >     Stephen Cory Robinson (Colorado State University)
                                              The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Applying Rawlsian Ethics In Data Mining Marketing
                                              Discussant: Paschal Preston (DCU)

     Coffee break
    Dealing with Customers in Emerging Economies: Innovation, Challenges and                                                       Lessons
                                        Chair: Jean-Paul Simon (JPS Public Policy Consulting)

 16.00-16.35            Rohan Samarajiva (Chair - LIRNEasia)
            Jose Juan Haro. Director for Regulatory Affairs for Latin America, Telefonica (TCB)
        Ibrahim Kholilul Rohman and Giuditta De Prato, (JRC-EC IPTS)
                                        Does the ICT Research and Development (R&D) expenditure support the convergence                                                       theory? 

    Concluding Remarks
                                        Prof. Dr. Robin Mansell (LSE)
                                        Prof. Dr. Andrea Renda (LUISS, CEPS)