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SMIT LECTURE SERIES 2010: Internet Policy
10/11/2010 19:00 - 21:30
VUB Campus Etterbeek (Promotion room, building D-2.01) / Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels
"Content, piracy and copyright in the digital age."
The aim of the SMIT debate on 10 November 2010 is to have an open discussion on content, piracy and copyright policies in the digital age.
Prof. dr. Van Eijk will introduce the subject by pointing not only to the legal, but also to the economic and cultural aspects of piracy. In the debate, we will seek to define the problem of copyright on the Internet, formulate solutions and discuss two controversial solutions, graduated response and Internet filtering. Panelists will be given the opportunity to share the strategy of their institutions towards piracy. We will focus in particular on the current EU and British approaches. In the Q&A session following the debate, the audience will be invited to give comments and ask questions.

Keynote speaker:
                                    Prof. dr. Nico van Eijk, Institute for Information Law
Confirmed panelists:
                                    Dr. Monica Ariño, Ofcom
                                    Christian Engström, Pirate Party, MEP
                                    Olivier Maeterlinck, BEA
                                    Innocenzo Genna, EuroISPA