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20 years of television
28/04/2011 09:00 - 29/04/2011 17:00
Rue Gineste 3, Brussels - Crowne Plaza Brussels
Without frontiers, and beyond
iMinds-SMIT, in collaboration with the Institute for European Studies (IES) organize a two-day conference on the genesis, evolution and future of private television in Europe.

In 1989, the Television without Frontiers Directive opened up European broadcasting markets. Monopolies were abolished and a market logic was introduced in a, traditionally, nationally embedded sector. The liberalization of the broadcasting sector in Europe gave rise to both fears and enormous aspirations.

This conference seizes the momentum of 20 years of television liberalization policies in Europe to critically evaluate the contributions of private television to cultural diversity, democracy and economic development, assess its strengths and weaknesses and build a forum for constructive debate among academics, policy makers and practioners about past, present and future perspectives on private television.

To register or to submit an abstract, please follow the link below.