Special issue announcement: “Regulatory and Policy Answers to Public Service Broadcasting’s Changing Role in Society” in International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics

The International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics is committed to analyzing the politics of communication(s) and cultural processes. It addresses cultural politics in their local, international and global dimensions, recognizing equally the importance of issues defined by their specific cultural geography and those that traverse cultures and nations.

In its most recent issue, high-quality scientific articles on the ways in which different European countries are tackling the difficulty of defining the role of public service broadcasting and public broadcasters in the new media ecology are brought together. The special issue contains a selection of articles that study the regulatory and policy answers to public service broadcasting’s changing role in society.

Editors of the special issue are iMinds-SMIT Senior researcher Prof. Dr. Karen Donders, iMinds-SMIT Director Prof. Dr. Caroline Pauwels, and iMinds-SMIT Senior researcher Prof. Dr. Jan Loisen. Their introduction “All or nothing? From public service broadcasting to public service media, to public service ‘anything’?” frames the other contributions in the special issue of which the table of contents is added below.

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  • Introduction: All or nothing? From public service broadcasting to public service media, to public service ‘anything’?
    Karen Donders,  Caroline Pauwels and Jan Loisen
  • Assessing the British Public Value Test: Benefits, limitations and challenges ahead
    Maria Michalis
  • To test or not to test: Comparing the development of ex ante public service media assessments in Flanders and Norway
    Hilde Van den Bulck and Hallvard Moe
  • Public service broadcasting put to test: Ex post control of online services
    Natascha Just, Michael Latzer and  Florian Saurwein
  • Evaluating and regulating the role of public broadcasters in the children’s media ecology: The case of home-grown television content
    Jeanette  Steemers and  Alessandro D’Arma
  • The battle for ‘expansion’ of public service broadcasting on the Internet. The press coverage of the 12th amendment of the Interstate Treaty on Broadcasting and Telemedia in Germany
    Maria Löblich
  • Public service media and the partnership agenda. Matching public policy with PSB strategy
    Tim Raats

Created by Evelien Rooms on 8/05/2012