Second international workshop on Business Models for Mobile Platforms

On 14 October, iMinds-SMIT organised the second international workshop on Business Models for Mobile Platforms (BMMP 10). This time, the workshop was hosted at the ICIN 2010 conference in Berlin.
The workshop mainly focused on the causes and effects of the current explosion of platforms in the mobile ICT industry. iMinds-SMIT was represented by BMMP 10’s chair Pieter Ballon, who held a keynote speech to over 40 attendees on the current state-of-the-art in mobile platform research. The second keynote speaker was Roberto Minerva of Telecom Italia. He shared his thoughts on the crucial challenges for mobile network opperators over the next decade.
BMMP 10 had sessions on mobile appstores, the economics of mobile service platforms, mobile connectivity platforms, and on platforms in several application domains. Matthias Barrie presented an iMinds-SMIT paper on Service Platforms for Spectrum Sensing.
With 30 papers submitted and 14 accepted, a special theme number on BMMP in the Journal for Theoretical and Applied Ecommerce Research and good spillover with the ICIN 2010 conference, this edition has certainly reached its goals.



Created by Matthias Barrie on 18/10/2010