Book Announcement: Public Service Media and Policy in Europe
By SMIT researcher Karen Donders

Public Service Media and Policy in Europe, written by SMIT researcher Karen Donders, provides an in-depth account of EU policies in the area of public service broadcasting, focusing mainly on the application of the European State aid rules.

The book discusses when, how and with what impact the European Commission deals with public service broadcasting. There is an element of fear towards the intervention of the European Commission, and a worry that it is overly focused on economic goals to the detriment of public interest objectives. More specifically, the fear exists that 'Europe' might hamper the evolution from public service broadcasting to public service media and introduce harmonized European rules for public service broadcasting. Private media companies have lobbied extensively against the expansion of public broadcasters' tasks and for a European straitjacket in this regard.

Karen Donders evaluates whether the European Commission has indeed satisfied private sector interests by marginalising public broadcasters, or whether it has in fact contributed to the emergence of a public service media project.

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Created by Evelien Rooms on 28/11/2011