Prof. Dr. Karen Donders discusses broadband connectivity, European digital single market objectives and Internet of Things at the CEBIT panel in Hannover

Prof. Dr. Karen Donders, head of imec-SMIT's MEDIA unit, participated in a panel 'Making Europe a dynamic and innovative data economy' at CEBIT in Hannover. The panel was part of the Conference 'Driving the Digital Economy & Society in Europe', organized by the European Commission. Together with Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter (CEO of Vodafone Germany), Sebastian Siemiatkowski (CEO Klarna) and Pearse O'Donohue (Director Future Networks, European Commission) Karen discussed about the importance of broadband connectivity, the challenges of achieving the European Digital Single Market objectives in a fragmented policy and market environment, the emergence of Internet of Things applications and the necessity of consumers and companies being integrated in policy-making.

Created by Juan Vasquez on 22/03/2017