‘25 years of MEDIA’ policy workshop organized by SMIT.

SMIT is research partner within ‘Mediating Cultural Encounters through European Screens’ (MeCETES). This year marked the celebration of 25 years of the MEDIA program, an EU measure launched to support development and circulation of film, documentary and television series. SMIT therefore organised a workshop on November 30th to discuss the trends and problematic financing of European films and the effectiveness of such support mechanisms for distribution.
MeCETES investigates the circulation of European film and television drama in the EU. The team in Brussels analyses various roles and forms of policies to enable distribution and circulation of European film and series. The project ended in November this year.
The first session discussed the outcome of the MEDIA program and questioned to what extent current mechanisms for support are future-proof in a digital content era. The second session specifically linked MEDIA to national film funds, and questioned to what extent support for distribution has become a part of the portfolio of audiovisual funds. It also questioned whether existing mechanisms have prove fruitful to (partly) overcome thresholds for circulation.
Each session started with a presentation of research findings of MeCETES related to the topic.
 For more info on MeCETES, contact ilse.schooneknaep@vub.ac.be or visit the website: www.mecetes.co.uk.

Created by Juan Vasquez on 2/12/2016