Prof. Dr. Karen, researcher at iMinds-SMIT, shared her views on the European Commission's proposal of review of the Audiovisual Media Services directive

Prof. Dr. Karen Donders, senior researcher at SMIT, took part in a panel discussing the review of the audiovisual media services directive. The panel was organized by the Flemish Regulator for Media. More information can be found on Other speakers in the panel were Ben Appel (Medialaan), Wouter Gekiere (EBU) and Madeleine de Cock Buning (CVDM-ERGA). Karen stated that the European Commission's proposal for a revised directive lacks ambition and is not adding to a level-playing-field in the media sector. In particular the limited inclusion of video sharing platforms is problematic and concepts such as significant children's audience or adequate prominence are unclear. She underlined the importance of independent regulators, which is strengthened (though not sufficiently) by the proposal, in particular through the stronger role given to ERGA. 

Created by Juan Vasquez on 9/11/2016