SavingFood, a new H2020 funded project

SavingFood is a new H2020 funded project, kicked off in January 2016. The project aims to offer a novel approach to tackle food waste, by turning this environmental issue into an innovative solution to fight hunger through the redistribution of surplus food to welfare organisations that support people in need. 

Leveraging on the collaborative power of social networks, on crowdsourcing applications and open data sources SavingFood fosters the creation and sharing of knowledge that can activate the collective intelligence of people and lead to highly cooperative behaviours and enhanced lifestyles.

Coordinated by ViLabs, the SavingFood consortium includes partners with strong expertise in campaigns and practices against food waste, in IT development as well as in social research and analysis: Boroume, IT Innovation, HFA (Hungarian Food Bank Association), FILAB, FEEDBACK and iMinds.

Moving forward from existing food redistribution channels, the mission of SavingFood is to create a social movement for reducing food waste…

We are up to the challenge!

For further information and to get involved, sign up for updates at or follow us on Twitter @saving_food

Created by Juan Vasquez on 2/03/2016