Special Issue announcement: Television in a digital era - Usage and policy issues
Telematics and Informatics - An interdisciplinary journal on the social impacts of new technologies

Jo Pierson
, Joke Bauwens and David Geerts (eds.)

In drawing and examining the social-cultural, industry and policy processes that accompany the digitization of television, this special issue aims to contribute to a multi-faceted understanding of the conditions and forces that cause the changes and orient the evolution of digital broadcasting.

From the empirical evidence and observation presented in the articles we learn that change is never instant, but nevertheless from time to time rapid; that structures sometimes impede change, sometimes speed it up; that television still is television to many people, and at the same time breaks free from its traditional meaning.

In dealing with all these juxtapositions this special issue aims to give an informed account of how social institutions, i.e. citizens, consumers, policymakers, industrialists and engineers, are dealing with television’s changes. Within a few decades this will be history, or at best, relevant source material for a historiography of digital television.

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Created by Evelien Rooms on 25/05/2011