Broadcasters and operators: One battle
Opinion article in De Morgen

The Flemish newspaper De Morgen features a piece by our researchers Pieter Ballon and Olivier Braet on their opinion pages today. It is a response to the public complaint by Flemish broadcasters earlier this week, who claim that the network operators destroy their product by making it too easy to digitally record television programs and watch them later. This would undermine the broadcasters' revenues in the advertising market and their on-demand internet sales.

Ballon and Braet take a nuanced position, by arguing that the quarrel is not about current revenues, but rather about broadcasters and operators competing for a beneficial position in a few years: they both aim to be the future television platform that users bond with. The operators should realise that they benefit from a righteous distribution of revenues, so that local quality content keeps on being produced. The broadcasters, on the other hand, shouldn't be blocking innovations, and affront consumers at the same time, but rather make their own products more attractive and creative.

Created by Sander Spek on 8/09/2010