SMIT research on impartiality of the VRT presented in the Flemish Parliament

On the 8th of October, the public broadcaster VRT’s Head of Information, Head of VRT Research, as well as the head of the VRT Board of Governors presented the results of a three-part study evaluating the impartiality of the public broadcaster. iMinds-SMIT was involved to conduct a stakeholder consultation with 30 representative organizations in Flanders, ranging from political parties and trade unions to employers’ organizations to Churches and civil society organizations. The studies showed there is no conclusive evidence of VRT being biased towards politically, religiously or economically. Stakeholders appreciate VRT’s efforts to include as broad a range of voices as possible, but emphasize that VRT should not refrain from including deviant or ‘extreme’ voices or being critical for the voices they allow in their programming. Key here becomes ‘contextualization’, which was also proven with an incident following an interview in the Canvas current affairs talk show ‘De Afspraak’, just a few days after VRT released its internal guidelines on impartiality. More information on the studies can be found at

Created by Juan Vasquez on 23/10/2015