CFP: Telecommunications Policy Special Issue - Cognitive Radio: Regulation and Markets
Telecommunications Policy organizes an open call for papers for their special issue on cognitive radio.

In recent years, one of the most significant developments in wireless technology has been the movement toward building Cognitive Radio (CR) systems. CR adds intelligence to radio components, enabling them to understand and adapt themselves to the environment they operatein. Recent regulatory decisions in the US and Europe have advanced the potential commercial deployment of CR systems to facilitate opportunistic secondary use of TV band spectrum, or socalledTV White Space, and are potentially considering much wider-ranging implementations.

It is becoming increasingly clear that even the incremental application of CR technologies and the new spectrum access and business models that they entail, has the potential to cause a paradigm shift in the way spectrum is managed, utilised and monetised. For policy makers and regulators,this poses a range of challenges, as well as providing opportunities to reduce scarcity, increase competitiveness, and so on.

The aim of this issue is to gather a range of international,multidisciplinary insights into the major challenges and implications for Telecommunications Policy and Regulation vis-à-vis CR Markets and Technologies. 

An open for call papers is organised for this special issue. Contributions need to address the particular relevance and issues related to CR for policy makers, regulators, the telecommunications industry and other relevant stakeholders. 

Deadline: August 30, 2011

Full details of this CfP can be found here.

Created by Evelien Rooms on 25/05/2011