SMIT is now part of BruBotics

SMIT is now part of BruBotics, a research center consisting of 7 research groups (MFYS, R&MM, ETRO, INDI, CoMo and BAS) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Together, they will be working on human centered robotics research. Last Friday, 9th of October 2015, was the opening event, where researchers of all 7 research groups met each other. This was followed by drinks and cocktails that were mixed by a cocktail robot and served by the Baxter robot (created and programmed by our colleagues from R&MM).

The vision of BruBotics is: “Improving quality of life through human robotic technology”. SMIT is looking forward to collaborate with our BruBotics colleagues on future research projects.

Projects related to robotics that SMIT already is involved in are: ClaXon ( and WONDER (iMinds page not yet available).

For more information on Brubotics, you can consult

Created by Juan Vasquez on 12/10/2015