SMIT research presented at 2015 IAMCR Conference in Montreal

During the 2015 IAMCR Conference, held in Montreal from July 12-16, several of our researchers presented their work.
The International Association for Media and Communication Research - IAMCR - is the preeminent worldwide professional organisation in the field of media and communication research, making the perfect location for SMIT researchers to share their expertise. Over the past years, SMIT has become a fixture at these conferences.

Prof. Dr. Jo Pierson took an active role in the organisation of this conference, heading the Communication Policy and Technology section, as well as being a discussant and chair for several sessions over the course of the 5-day conference.
In addition to being heavily involved in the organisation of the conference, no less than 7 iMinds-SMIT-VUB papers were accepted at the 2015 IAMCR Conference.

Julia Pohle presented a paper on 'Interests or ideas? Unmasking early policy discourses on universal access and the Internet’s contribution to social justice'. With this paper she was lucky enough to win the 'Best Paper Award' of the Communication Policy and Technology (CP&T) section.

Two other PhD candidates also presented their work at IAMCR. Iris Jennes provided insights on television audiences basing on new institutional theory, while Anne-Sofie Vanhaeght presented work on the integration of co-creation, interaction and participation in Public Service Broadcasting policies and strategies.

Public Service Broadcasting issues were also discussed by Dr. Tim Raats and Prof. Dr. Karen Donders with a paper on integration of collaboration strategies in Public Broadcasting policy. 

Prof. Dr. Caroline Pauwels and Prof. Dr. Jan Loisen highlighted ambiguities and strengths of EU’s policy actions with regard to cultural diversity. Prof. Dr. Wendy van den Broeck presented results from the iMinds project Media-ID, dealing with identity management solutions in the Belgian media sector.

Paulien Coppens shared evidence on mixed method approaches for second-screen initiatives, insights she gained while working on the LiSSA project.
Tom Seymoens discussed user awareness on data inference on social media. Ilse Mariën and Prof. Dr. Leo Van Audenhove presented an overview of an analysis of 25 media literacy frameworks.

Karel Deneckere from the communication sciences department joined the SMIT researchers for this conference. His paper looks at the development of the discourse of resistance against nuclear energy in the coverage of four Belgian newspapers of the major nuclear accident at Three Mile Island in 1979.

You can view the presentations here.

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 24/07/2015