Can our brain keep up with television?

In light of the launch of the new season of 'Orange is the New Black' (Netflix, 2013), De Morgen ran a piece about the television audience's current viewing habits.
We appear to be watching more complex television than before, while following multiple series simultaneously.

But are our viewing habits really that complex? Dr. Tim Raats begged to differ when asked about this by De Morgen.
We've always watched multiple series at the same time. So that's nothing new.
And assuming that the US fiction that reaches us is also incorrect.
The average US television show tries to keep it storylines very simple, often with stand-alone episodes. "TV shows like 'CSI' and other easy-to-digest whodunits are much more popular than a show like 'Girls'", Raats stated.

We also tend to overlook that the audiences of online services like Netflix are still much smaller than the audience of your average Flemish TV show.
But the import of complex shows like 'Orange is the New Black' and 'House of Cards', has already had an impact on Flemish television.
Producers are now less afraid to play with the genre (i.e. flashbacks, dreams, non-linear structure, ...) than they were before.

To read the whole interview, please click here (Dutch only, paywall).

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 15/06/2015