SMIT senior researcher Jo Pierson in Peter Langs book 'New media technologies and user empowerment'
SMIT senior researcher Jo Pierson is one of the editors of Peter Langs recently published book 'New media technologies and user empowerment'.

Recent developments in new media devices and applications have led to the rise of what have become known as ‘social media’, ‘Web 2.0’, ‘social computing’ or ‘participative web’. This shift in ICT, from unidirectional to conversational media of mass self-communication has lowered the technological thresholds for everyday users to cooperate for their own benefit, to participate in online environments and social network sites, to co-create business value and to become ‘produsers’ or ‘pro-ams’. At the same time, we see an evolution towards people-centred design and user-driven innovation in the design of new media technologies. 

However, the question remains to what extent users and communities interacting in an all-IP new media ecosystem are empowered (and not disempowered) to express their creativity and concerns in their social and cultural environment and to obtain a prominent role in the process of new media design and innovation? The book attempts to answer this question.

'New media technologies and user empowerment' is published by Peter Lang (and edited by ao SMIT researcher Jo Pierson) and is based on interdisciplinary research. It offers innovative insights based on state-of-the-art academic and industry-driven ICT user research in various European countries. This work will appeal to post-graduate students and researchers in the field of media and communication studies, social studies of technology, digital media marketing and other domains that investigate the mutual relationship between new media technologies and society.

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Created by Evelien Rooms on 24/05/2011