Pieter Ballon on Brussels as a smart city

The Walloon newspaper La Libre Belgique ran a story on smart cities and what Brussels should do in order to not lag behind. ("Faire sauter le verrou des données ouvertes", LLB 04/06/2015)

They contacted Pieter Ballon for his views on the topic.
"Merely launching a website with certain 'smart functions' won't suffice", says Ballon.
In order to evolve towards an actual smart city, Brussels needs to do 3 major things.
  1. Motivate the city services to digitize all of the important information (traffic, ...).
  2. Make sure all the available data is reliable, useable and up-to-date.
  3. Provide citizens with a system where all this data is gathered, in order to provide intelligent solutions to current problems and improve the life quality of Brussels inhabitants.
But a lot of work still needs to be done before Brussels catches up to the pack.
Projects like EPIC are a good start, but Brussels will need to continue to rely on the expertise of researchers and institutes like iMinds and the VUB to ensure its competitive future.

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 9/06/2015