​Digital Society Workshop: Gaming & Research

On the April 3, Digital Society research groups CUO-Social Spaces, MICT and SMIT, gathered in Brussels for an afternoon on the topic of video games and research within Digital Society.

The program kicked off with two keynote speakers: Prof. dr. Jan Van Looy (iMinds-MICT) and Karen Mouws (iMinds-SMIT-VUB). Jan gave his angle on the history of video game research in Flanders and the challenges ahead of us; while Karen chose to shed light on the pedagogical importance of video game literacy in education and research.
These keynotes were followed by some presentations on a variety of subjects.
Anissa All (MICT) provided us with insight into the research on the effectiveness of Digital Game Based Learning, while Pieter Duysburgh (SMIT) and Marije Nouwen (CUO-Social Spaces) chose to present the MELoDiA project and its qualitative co-design approach. Jonathan Huyghe (CUO-Social Spaces) explored the world of so called ‘hardcore gamers’ and how they talk about their game of choice, which turned out to be full of surprises.
To finish off the presentations, Marlen Komorowski (SMIT) introduced us into the world of business modeling and MMORPGs, contemplating the importance of the video game industry.
The afternoon was then continued with video game exhibitions, with over twenty different demos. A wide range of games was shown and played by the researchers. Further familiarizing everyone with this enormous medium.
In a market where the income of games supercedes that of both the music industry and movie industry, it's important to not lag behind.
Some of the other demos made available are listed below. And many more… Download all of the game summaries here.
To see the photo's of the event, please click here.

Want to learn more about iMinds' video game research?
Jan Van Looy, iMinds-MICT-UGent
Lizzy Bleumers, iMinds-SMIT-VUB
Bieke Zaman, CUO-Social Spaces

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 9/04/2015