Launch of Tidal is mainly for music professionals

With the launch of his online music streaming service, Jay-Z caters mainly to musical professionals. That is, at least, the opinion of Olivier Braet.
"A streamingservice that only offers music in high quality, will only be appealing to the music professional.", Braet stated in De Morgen (31/03).
"The average user can barely tell the difference between high and low compression of music.
Case in point: YouTube is host to millions of low quality music tracks and for many users, that is just fine."
The large number of celebrities supporting Tidal is also not a clear formula for success.
Exclusivity might bring users to Tidal, but that would mean having all the music removed from other sites, like the before mentioned YouTube. "In my opinion the lobbyist of Google are still a lot more powerful than Jay-Z", Braet concludes.

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Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 31/03/2015