In the future all cities will be smart

Experts estimate that in 2020 there will be roughly 50 billion objects that are connected to the internet.
These objects - sensors, beacons, phones, devices, ... - will generate a never before seen amount of data which city planners, entrepreneurs and enthusiastic citizens will be able to use to their advantage. This is the concept of the 'smart city'.

It is estimated that by 2050, 2/3 of the world's population will be living in cities.
The 'City of Things'-project, which will start in 2015 will investigate on how to make life in these cities as efficient, smooth and enjoyable as possible.
Pieter Ballon, who also serves as head of the iMinds Living Labs department gave his thoughts on the concept of smart cities in a recent Knack interview (print only).

"A smart city needs to exceed technological gadgets", he states. "It's more of an organizational challenge. It's a process in which the city tries to activate its population to help look for solutions."

To learn more about the City of Things project in Antwerp, you can find a short presentation on the subject here.

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 22/01/2015