De Standaard (15/04/2011) - Betalen voor privacy?
Ike Picone en Rob Heyman over betalen voor privacy op Facebook

SMIT Researcher Ike Picone together with Rob Heyman had a tribune published in newspaper De Standaard. The piece is a reaction to the service offered to end users by the company Compuserve to set up their privacy settings on Facebook. Price tag: 59€. The authors argue that being able to protect one's own privacy should be a common skill amongst citizens, not an expert feature or a commodified service. Furthermore, such services might create a false sense of security, as they do not prevent third parties to mine or monitor users' personal data. Both researchers are working on the issue of privacy within the IWT-funded EMSOC project, led by Prof. Dr. Jo Pierson. The article can be consulted here (in dutch). 

Created by Evelien Rooms on 15/04/2011