Flemish government launches online privacy campaign

The Flemish government launched a new campaign about online privacy with the ambition to sensitize and educate people about this topic (photo ©Photo News).
This will be a joint effort with several partners, including EMSOC & Mediawijs.be.
It was presented on October 29th by Flemish Education Minster Hilde Crevits.

Due to the ubiquity of social networking sites, the Flemish government stressed the role that education needs to play to help adolescents manage their privacy.
Teachers will now receive three tools that will allow them to educate children on this topic.

1. Mediawijs online, a book published by Mediawijs.be, MIOS and the University of Antwerp, on digital footprints, online reputations and privacy.
2. Privacy manual & lesson packages (concerning commercial, contact and content risks on social networks
3. The 'EHBO-kit voor privacy & sociale media', developed by EMSOC

With these tools, teachers now have the necessary basis to educate their students on these topics.

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 31/10/2014