Inspiring SPECIFI contribution at Music Tech Fest Berlin

SPECIFI, the European co-funded project aiming to boost the Creative Industries sector in Europe, is based on an open collaboration between artists and creative industries with research centres, ICT companies and developers. In order to interact with the music ecosystem as a whole (artists but also SMEs, researchers and hackers) the project participated in Music Tech Fest, an international, itinerant event stimulating artists to play with new technologies and share results with a large range of different stakeholders.
The project is being coordinated by Simon Delaere.

Researchers from SMIT & ENoLL attended the Berlin edition of the festival, held from the 24th to the 26th of October, 2014. On top of the large attendance, live streaming guaranteed the opportunity to follow the 3-day event on the Music Tech Fest website.

SPECIFI partners proposed two Internet-assisted artistic performances on Saturday and Sunday. Steve Lawson, a notorious British bassist performed with 2 young artists participating in the event. These artists produced a performance using the SPECIFI/i2cat HD videoconferencing system and playing together from 2 different locations.

In addition to this, the project participated in the Hack Camp, a 24-hour collaborative laboratory where hackers, programmers and DIY electronics enthusiasts teamed up with artists to develop innovatory music forms. The SPECIFI technology was proposed to participants both in Berlin and online: a first positive contact was in fact established with hackers connected from Boston, US. The best hack was awarded on stage: Karl Pannek won a trip to France to participate in Music Tech Fest Paris (November 2014) and perform with his all-new musical instrument during the festival.

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 31/10/2014