Mediahuis' bid to buy NRC Handelsblad - Ike Picone on Terzake (Dutch)

On September 3rd, the news came out that Mediahuis had made a bid to buy NRC Media, publisher of NRC Handelsblad and online newspaper
Ike Picone was interviewed by Terzake to give his take on this development.
Ike emphasizes the need for synergy in print media and how this is actually a very logical development.

The need for expansion of Flemish publishers often sends them to the Netherlands.
This is a logical area to expand into, seeing as there's a strong cultural and linguistic correlation with this country.
With the acquisition of NRC Media, Mediahuis would not only be getting the readers and ad incomes, but also the expertise of This is something that could be very valuable.
Picone sees this a strong indicator that this move would be done with an eye on the future, namely digital journalism.

You can see the entire interview here (Dutch only)

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 8/09/2014