Olivier Braet on Telenet's broadband investments and net neutrality

On August 29th, Telenet gave a press conference indicating that they would be investing heavily to increase broadband speeds.
Their investment would come down to €500,000,000 and would start at September 22nd. This was announced on a press conference with Minister-president Geert Bourgeouis.
In 'Werken op de Internetsnelweg' (De Morgen, August 30th), Olivier Braet claims that the investments made and changes promised aren't anything new on the horizon. It, in fact, is in line with investments made by other telecom providers.
With the recent trend of online streaming (i.e. Netflix and others) and downloadable content, there is a need for a broadband network with higher speeds and higher data limits.
Braet makes the case for fiber, but was unfortunately misquoted here:  in section 4 He says rolling out fibre will require breaking open the public street, not that it would require breaking walls in people’s homes.

A couple of days after this press conference, they announced they are looking into charging high-volume bandwidth users, like Google & Netflix, for priority use of their broadband connections.
This caused some to call upon the idea of net neutrality. In 'Tolheffing op internetsnelweg' (DM, September 2nd), Braet explains that giving priority is in essence not illegal, given that certain IP-packages are already receiving such treatment during peak hours. The matter is not so much legal, but rather whether Telenet is in a strong enough negotiation position to ask service providers a fee for using their network.

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 8/09/2014