Yoni Van den Eede & Rob Heyman on the ING new marketing strategy (multiple media)

With the announcement that ING will be using customer's data for advertisements, both Yoni Van den Eede and Rob Heyman felt this could not go unmentioned.

Both social scientists have strong opinions on this matter.
The interesting part is that they view the issue from two totally different perspectives.
Yoni gave us his perspective from the philosophical-economical standpoint, whereas Rob focused more on the privacy aspect of the matter.

In this current state of continuous interconnectivity, we need to be aware of possible pitfalls. Nowadays, companies will gather data on us, it's inevitable.
On the one hand, we love the idea of this inter-connected world.
In many cases, it simplifies our life. Because of the internet of things, we will soon be able to have a central organizing hub for every aspect of our lives.
People love the fact that this type of efficiency is just around the corner.
There is however a giant discrepancy between how we like to use these opportunities ourselves and how we perceive it when they are used to market towards us.

Yoni Van den Eede's opinion piece can be read here (NL only).
Rob's opinion piece is available here (NL only).
Rob also gave an interview on this matter on Kanaal Z. This can be watched here (first segment of the news).

Yoni Van den Eede is also the author of the book 'Mens en Media', which talks of the modern, ever-evolving relation between man and media.
You can purchase the book here.

Rob Heyman co-wrote the book 'Hier vloekt men niet, Facebook ziet alles', a collaborative work about privacy.
It can be purchased here.

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 11/03/2014