Terzake (February 3rd, 2014) - Rob Heyman about Facebook

What we see on Facebook’s Newsfeed is not everything that happens with your friends.
Facebook appointed someone, or better yet: something to decide what should be shown and what should not be shown on your Newsfeed: Edgerank. They make use of a very complex algorithm to grade every update, picture or other type of content users share.

These elements of user generated content are called ‘edges’ and Edgerank ranks them according to
- the relationship between sender and receiver
- the age of the edge (is it new or is old news)
- and the weight of the message (is it engaging content such as a video or is it less engaging such as a like or a comment)

Rob explains the inner workings of this algorithm and says that it becomes challenging for users to know what news gets filtered out and thus what is really happening. He argues that we are loosing control about the information sent us by friends and the information we send friends on Facebook.

You can watch the interview here (starting at 22:15, NL only)

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 10/02/2014