European Journal of Communication - Hilde Van den Bulck & Karen Donders on VRT's management contract

For an article in the European Journal of Communication, Hilde Van den Bulck & Karen Donders used the run-up to the 2012–2016 management contract between Flemish public service broadcaster VRT and the Flemish government as a case study. They analyzed the role of the digital technology argument in debates and negotiations regarding the position of public service broadcasting in the era of media convergence.
It discusses the outcome of the 2011 contract negotiations as the result of the relative position and impact of different actors by means of a stakeholder analysis and advocacy coalition framework.

Firstly, results suggest that beneath the surface discussions about PSB and new media lie economic arguments and logics.
Secondly, they show that two advocacy coalitions can be identified and that the negotiations’ outcome reflects a rupture of ties in the advocacy coalition between right-wing political parties and private media companies, favouring a market failure perspective. This benefits the advocacy coalition promoting the social responsibility perspective, reflected in the eventual 2012–2016 management contract.

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 24/01/2014