Book announcement: 'Public Service Media in the Digital Age: International Perspectives'

Ike Picone, Koen Willaert and Karen Donders collaborated to write the 4th chapter of this book, titled 'The Public in Public Service Media: The Case of Villasquare'.

This article analyses the implementation of public service media in practice and, in particular, public broadcasters’ and users’ expectations. In so doing, it fills a void in academic research on public service media, in small countries more precisely.

The main research question is whether there is a match between public broadcaster strategies and user expectations, and, if not, how public broadcasters can proceed in evolving from public service broadcasting to public service media providers. The case study is about VillaSquare (VS) in the Flanders, the Northern region of Belgium. VS is a dedicated online “second screen” platform accompanying a “first screen” television broadcast programme, Villa Vanthilt, in which talk show host Marcel Vanthilt invites different guests to discuss topical issues.

The book can be ordered here.

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 27/11/2013