Flanders Today (November 25th, 2013) - Pieter Ballon talks about Living Labs

With the 2013 Eurocities Conference coming up the end of November in Ghent, Flanders Today thought it would be the perfect occasion to ask Pieter Ballon some questions on the Ghent Living Lab projects.

He emphasized the usefulness of living lab projects and how an urban environment can provide the perfect setting for this type of research.
He then went on to give two examples of recent successful projects, namely Zwerm and 9K.

The Zwerm-project pitted two adjacent neighbourhoods against each other in an online game. It was set up as a project to help people reconnect to their communities, using digital technology.
The project ended up as a huge success, the tool developed was used by several hundred.

In 9K (the Ghent postal code is 9000), allowed people to make observations and suggestions about the urban environment.
The 9K project has 2 dimensions: on one hand you have the 9K Spotter, that allows people to map their city.
On the other hand, there is the 9K Builder, which allows the residents to recreate (and improve) their city digitally.

The entire article can be read here.

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 26/11/2013