SMIT Lecture Series 2010 (5/5): User Research
New ways of understanding the digital media user

In the fifth session of the SMIT LECTURE SERIES 2010, the User Research cluster invited two prominent experts on the topic of new methods for understanding the digital media user.

Joannes Vandermeulen (business manager at Namahn) elaborated on the shortcomings and limitations of survey use, pleading instead for a better analysis of the trail of data digital users leave behind online. Next dr. Liz Sanders (senior lecturer at US Ohio State University and president at MakeTools) presented the ways she makes use of the co-creation method in her research.

The keynotes were followed by a lively debated, where the two speakers were joined by discussants dr. An Jacobs (senior researcher at SMIT) and Lieven Trappeniers (department head of the Ambient Media Department, Alcatel-Lucent Bell-Labs).

Joannes Vandermeulen - Loathsome surveys and the loveable data exhaust

Liz Sanders - Innovation through co-creation

Created by Pieter Duysburgh on 8/12/2010