Stoemp: 'Language and the future of the capital of Europe' - Lecture by Phillipe Van Parijs

For the opening lecture of the 2013-14 academic year, Stoemp invited Prof. Philippe Van Parijs.
He led our attention to the heart of the current political debate: Language and the future of the capital of Europe.

Drawing on figures of EURASTAT Special Languages and the Taalbarometer of the VUB, the professor emphasized the rise and fall of mastered languages in order to understand the future of Brussels.

The binary distinction between francophone on one hand and néerlandophone on the other no longer defines the Brussels identity, according to Prof. Van Parijs. New, old and hybrid identities have to co-exits on the continuously redefined borders of the Brussels territory.

As languages are to a certain extent mirrors of multicultural Brussels, the inhabitants of the larger Brussels area are living in a transitional moment.
Keeping these cultural, economic, social and political changes in mind, Prof. Van Parijs gave five key points to move Brussels forward
1) Brusselers should be (at least) trilingual
2) Create a stronger and more inclusive Brussels identity
3) Become a better capital for the European Union
4) The need for a simpler federation with four regions
5) Working towards healthier federal dynamics

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Minister Pascal Smet will be giving his vision on the future of Brussels in a lecture titled 'Does Brussels still have a future?'

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 13/11/2013