Book announcement: 'Wij en de Media'
It is the combined work of 7 different authors, where our own Pieter Jan Valgaeren gives his vision about the development and regulation of social media from a fundamental standpoint

BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: 'Wij en de Media'


The media are evolving at a fast pace: via Facebook, Twitter and all kinds of blogs, we are permanently kept up to date.
But how relevant is this constant stream of information?
The media have a mediating function. They inform the public on policy and decisions. Journalists give facts, opinions and create societal understanding.

How are the fulfulling that function nowadays? Are they a cohesive? Do they improve citizenhood or have they fallen from grace?
Is the growing mistrust toward the media a result of the commercialisation and competition? Is it possible to turn the tide?

This book features contributions by
Ignaas Devisch, Huub Evers, Thomas Nys, Onora O’Neill, Michaël Opgenhaffen, Bart Pattyn and Pieter Jan Valgaeren.

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 4/11/2013