the EPIC-project, materializing 'Smart Cities' coordinated by Pieter Ballon
The EPIC-project, coordinated by Prof. dr. Pieter Ballon has been featured on the European Commission Digital Agenda Blog.

The European Platform for Intelligent Cities (EPIC) project was funded by the European Commission under the 2010 Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) objective ”Open innovation for future Internet-enabled services in smart cities”.
The aim of the project was to validate the concept and design of the EPIC platform architecture for the delivery of smart city services through the development, integration and redeployment of three Smart City pilot applications:
- The relocation pilot
- The smart city 3D (Urban Planning)
- The environment pilot

EPIC is more than just an IT platform; it is a one-stop-shop where small to medium sized cities in Europe can find real, affordable solutions (products and services) to materialize the “Smart Cities” concept efficiently and cost-effectively.

To read more about this project, please visit the blog of the European Commission.

Created by Elias Van Dingenen on 4/10/2013