SMIT Lecture Series 2010 (4/5)
MMI-Cluster exploring the Future Internet!

In the fourth session of the SMIT LECTURE SERIES 2010, the research cluster MEDIA, MARKET & INNOVATION (MMI) invited three of the world’s most prominent academics working on the topic of Platforms for the Future Internet. 

Prof. dr. Annabelle Gawer, Prof. dr. William Lehr and Prof. dr. Andrea Renda elaborated their visions on the timely and important debate of business and power relations of the Internet. As the media, telecoms, IT and web service industries are competing fiercely to establish the leading platforms in this Future Internet environment, this SMIT-event allowed them to confront their visions with viewpoints of selected discussants from industry and regulatory practice. Yves Blondeel (T-Regs), Steven Dewaele (Belgacom) and Prof. Eric Van Heesvelde joined the MMI-panel to enter into debate and offer us a most stimulating and challenging evening.

Prof. dr. Annabelle Gawer, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Imperial College Business School of London: to read more onher topics of interest, please consult Sloan Management Review

Prof. dr. Andrea Renda, CEPS Senior Research Fellow -  Keynote: Neutrality and diversity in the internet ecosystem

Prof. dr. William Lehr, CSAIL Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Video presentation: Future Internet architectures: economic & policy changes

Created by Jorian Vanvossel on 29/11/2010