International Francqui Professor: Jostein Gripsrud
A video summary of professor Gripsrud's stay in Belgium

From March 2011 to February 2012, professor Jostein Gripsrud of the University of Bergen in Norway, was an International Francqui Professor in Belgium. Within the context of his Francqui professorship, communication and media studies departments from the VUB, UGent and ULB organised a series of events and masterclasses for PhD students.

In this video, prof. Gripsrud gives his opinion about the political situation of Belgium.

Professor Jostein Gripsrud is for many years an internationally acclaimed scholar in the field of media and communication studies. He has published extensively in several languages on different domains within communication sciences: the public sphere, media and cultural policy, television, film history, journalism, theatre, popular literature, and relevant social and cultural theory for all of these media, genres and cultural forms. Moreover, Gripsrud's excellence in these different domains has made him a frequently invited expert and consultant at different universities, as well as member of the editorial board of various leading communications journals. Also in his teaching, the variety in his expertise has been acknowledged by many institutions worldwide.

Professor Gripsrud has lectured at numerous universities across Europe and the USA and he has been Visiting Scholar and Visiting Professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of Southern California, Copenhagen University, and the Université de Paris II. Gripsrud's pioneering role in media research can also be illustrated by his leadership in a series of large scale collective and interdisciplinary research projects. Finally, he has managed to permanently maintain the link between academia and practice, both in communications policy and media and cultural production.

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Created by Evelien Rooms on 20/12/2012