Tjä (09/11/2012) - Participatory design with impaired users

People with sensory or cognitive impairments are difficult to involve in user-centered design processes, since their impairment often heavily interferes with their interaction with the people they are surrounded by. However, it is important to find ways to grasp of their experiences in order to make sure the products and services designed for them meet their wants and needs.

Researcher Pieter Duysburgh (iMinds-SMIT, Vrije Universiteit Brussel) set up a workshop, together with Karin Slegers (CUO | Social Spaces (KU Leuven/iMinds)) and Niels Hendriks (CUO | Social Spaces (LUCA – KULeuven)), at the Participatory Design Conference in Roskilde to gather researchers faced who this challenge in their work, and exchange experiences.

A full report of this workshop has been published on 'Tjänstedesignbloggen', the blog of Transformater Design, a Swedish consultancy company for service design and innovation.

Created by Evelien Rooms on 9/11/2012