FĂ©lix Ortega (University of Salamanca - IUCE)
Academic Secretary of IUCE
from 5-2012 till 7-2012 at SMIT
Prof. dr. Félix Ortega visited our research center to focus/work on following subjects: Concentration and Diversity, transnational comparison Spain and Belgium, a pilot research for a broader European Project with a network centers of investigation and Universities.


Felix Ortega holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Economics (1999) and a PhD in Communication Sciences (2006).  Formerly, he worked at the Chamber of Commerce in Bordeaux France and at an international firm in Madrid. For 7 years, he taughed and managed at University Nebrija Spain (Human Resource Management, Media Studies, and Leadership Management).

Since 2006, he is a permanent teacher and Academic Secretary of an Investigation Institute in Education and Communication and Director of an MBA in management of Cultural Industries, and Media Industries.
Currently he also regularly teaches “Audiovisual Media Structure”, “Corporate Communication”, “Cultural Industries”, at the Bachelor and Master-Phd Programme at the University of Salamanca.

Felix is specialized in “Concentration and Media Diversity”, “Public Service Television in Latin America”, “The financing of Television in Spain (Private and Public)”, “Regional Television in Spain (comparative analysis)”, “New Media Business Models”.

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