Adaptive Middleware for Logistics
01/10/2009 - 30/09/2011
Has been finalized

The aim of the AdMid project is to design and develop facilitating middleware that self-adapts to service level agreements throughout the entire business life cycle. A proof-of-concept demonstrator will be provided, including both the technical middleware prototype and the middleware business model, and driven by requirements in the application domain of transport and logistics.

The transport and logistics industry is highly competitive and characterized by increasing quality requirements with respect to safety, reliability, sustainability, and environmental impact. A recent study by the Flemish Council for Scientific Policy identifies further development of an intelligent platform for ‘smart’ supply chain management as one of the key priorities for Flanders.

Modern supply chain management requires smart logistics middle- ware that addresses (i) the unpredictable operational conditions characterizing large-scale tracking and tracing solutions, (ii) inte- grates all involved actors (producers, transporters, retailers, harbor authorities, government and custom agencies.) , (iii) interacts with heterogeneous network on a global scale.

Key research areas
1. Market investigating to de- fine feasible business mod- els
2. Designing a distributed en- gine that automatically en- forces reconfiguration when and where needed
3. Feasibility assessment of integrating the reconfigura- tion engine in state-of-the- art middleware

Partners: H.Essers ; IdXs ; IBBT-Distrinet ; IBM ; Trimble

Budget: 1.369.888 €