Next Generation Intelligent Traffic Systems
01/05/2008 - 30/04/2010
Has been finalized

This project proposal reflects the intention of some of the most prominent players in the Belgian ICT sector to cooperate with research institutes and governments to develop and demonstrate a number of ITS services (ITS: Intelligent Transport System).

The following services were demonstrated: e-call, traffic information, intelligent speed adaptation, road charging and cooperative vehicle systems. These services which have either or both a big social and commercial potential were demonstrated as a preparation for market introduction through public-private partnerships (PPP).

The different applications are based on European standards to ensure interoperability between different market players and across geographical borders. Furthermore specific research will be done related to the integration of the different applications on a generic multi-application platform.
The project collaborates with other regional and national initiatives within the framework of a European FP7 project proposal.

Besides being a tool to accelerate the introduction of next-generation ITS services to ensure sustainable mobility in Flanders and to reach ambitious safety and environmental targets, this project also worked as an enabler preparing the industry for the European and global ITS market.

Partners: Alcatel-Lucent ; Be-Mobile ; Group4Securicor ; ITS Belgium ; Mobistar ; Nimera ; NXP ; Proximus ; Siemens ; Touring ; Vlaams Verkeer Centrum ; VRT Medialab ; IBBT-CUO ; IBBT-Distrinet ; IBBT-IBCN ; IBBT-IMEC ; IBBT-PATS ; IBBT-COSIC ; IBBT-ICRI

Budget: 4.803.029 €