Do-it-yourself smart experiences
Has been finalized

DIY-SE is a European ITEA2 project.

DIY-SE wants to create viable solutions (services, infrastructure, technology) to promote a diverse group of end-users to realize their own ambient applications and experiences in a collaborative way, while addressing everyday life problems.

The project starts from the following trends:
• More and more, people become active content providers instead of passive content consumers (e.g. wikipedia, flickr, youtube).
• The emergency of various platforms for technically skilled users enabling to build their own networked applications (e.g. microsoft popfly, google mash-ups, yahoo pipes).
• The impossibility for non-technically-skilled end-users to exploit these platforms because of a learning curve that is too high and the lack of support.
• Almost no products or research on new creative forms of support and learning processes for the diversity of non-technically-skilled end-users to create applications.
• Today platforms for (networked) application creation are targeted to be used on fixed locations using classical mouse, keyboard, and screen interface. While, on-the-spot application creation environments are (almost) non-existing.
• There exist an enormous amount of research upon, and development of, ambient intelligent applications. But no real breakthrough in use of these applications (e.g. domotics) is seen in society. We believe that the complexity to configure and personalize these types of applications is counterproductive. This points out again the need for more personal ways to define ambient intelligent applications by end-users.

Partners: Alcatel Lucent, Philips, Geosparc, KULeuven CUO, KULeuvenDistrinet, VUB SMIT, VUB PROG, VUB Starlab