Automated Quality assessment and Authentication based on watermarking and perceptual hashing
01/01/2010 - 31/12/2011
Has been finalized

Watermarking and perceptual hashing intrinsically carry the properties to enable the design of an automated quality monitoring and authentication system for multimedia communication. The technological research focus of this project is to mature this technology such that it van be deployed in the following targeted applications:
• Automated quality checking: content providers should be able to verify that end users are receiving multimedia content with adequate quality (preserved aspect ratio, discover coding and/or color artifacts);
• Quality-based real-time adaptation of streaming services: the streaming server could automatically adjust some transmission parameters (such as bandwidth or error correction coding) in order to deliver content with an adequate perceived quality, while optimizing resource usage;
• Quality-aware transcoding: automated quality monitoring can be used to ensure that the resulting quality is bounded by certain criteria during encoding or transcoding of multimedia data;
• Scalable billing: in order to introduce more fairness in the multimedia delivering system, users that receive poor quality media data should pay less than users that receive media with higher quality;
• Automated authentication check: automated source and integrity check.

Partners: Belgacom Telindus; Barco; VRT-medialab; VUB-ETRO; K.U.Leuven-COSIC; VUB-SMIT; UGent-IBCN