Digital Asylum-Seekers – Media education crash course for parents and grandparents
01/10/2008 - 01/10/2010
Has been initialized

DIGITAS is a project that arose from the need for a media education-related training action focused on trainers and teachers working with parents and older learners that is not confined within the ‘protectionist’ paradigm and aimed at the ‘demystification’ of media. DIGITAS assumes that (multi)media is here to stay, that the advance of digital technologies has contributed to the emergence of new cultural forms, that exclusively require multimodal literacies – and that some cultural practices of youth, ‘born’ into various multimodal literacies at work in an increasingly digital mediascape, offer consistent opportunities for inter-generational and family learning. DIGITAS produces a training course available in the Comenius/Grundtvig Training Database and delivered to adult education trainers and teachers - with online support on a Moodle Virtual Learning Environment.

Partners: Association Epsilon III - Romania; Onageb Spain; European Pole of Knowledge - Italy; Imotec- Lithuania; Human Geography Department - University of Bucharest; Ankara University; Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico do Porto