Steunpunt Re-creatief Vlaanderen
01/01/2002 - 31/12/2006
Has been finalized

The research consortium 'Steunpunt Re-Creatief Vlaanderen' was a research project with several partners (VUB, UGent, KUL, Ehsal) for the Flemish Government. The project's main goal was the provision of scientific data about cultural participation for the Flemish cultural policy makers. 

In the consortium SMIT focused on the questions how ICTs influence cultural experiences, and how ICTs can contribute to the increase of cultural participation and the decrease of participation thresholds. 

In an information society the cultural sector is one of the domains that will change and transform. The implementation and use of ICTs changes the practices of artists, cultural institutions and organisations, and the cultural audiences. 

(Picture by CheGuevara-Paul under a Creative Commons license)

Partners: Universiteit Gent - Vakgroep Sociologie - G-SRM; Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Vakgroep Sociologie – TOR; EHSAL - Centrum voor Modellering en Simulatie (CMS)