Video: 4K Composition and Efficient streaming
01/01/2014 - 31/12/2015
Has been finalized

V-FORCE is examining the efficiency of HEVC algorithms and is designing applications for environments with multiple video streams. The project contributes to the definition of scalable coding mechanisms based on HEVC. Furthermore, V-FORCE is studying the impact of the format on the following generations of HTTP streaming technologies and network protocols.

The research project focuses on two challenges, each with its own applications:
- 4K UHD video streaming on different screens: the next generation of video streaming services, aiming for less network delay, better user experience and more efficient transport.
- The composition of 4K UHD videos in a network environment: video playback on multiple high resolution screens, video walls, or projection systems for professional remote collaboration.

By fully taking into account the expectations and experience of end users, V-FORCE intends to maximize the benefits of 4K UHD video.

Partners: Alcatel-Lucent Bell; Barco; Belgacom; iMinds-ETRO-VUB; iMinds - IBCN - UGent; iMinds - MMLAB - UGent; iMinds - SMIT - VUB